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Let your idle money work for you.

Takeoff is India’s first-ever mutual fund distribution platform for non-individuals. Instead of letting your funds gather dust in a current account, invest with us and reach for the stars.

Why mutual funds?

The best of both worlds. Redefining investment since 1963.

Great Return

Get access to unbelievable profits on your idle money

High liquidity

Get all the benefits of your current account with added interest income


Grow your money over time with the power of compounding

Why Takeoff?

Varied Choices

Different AMCs, different schemes, all under one roof. Compare all the features before investing.

Safe and secure

Completely secure and transparent process for your investments. From beginning to end, your money is safe.

All-round support

Any doubts, any questions, our team is available for you. We value customer experience above all else, and we are here for you.

Realtime portfolio

Track your investment in one portfolio at real-time prices. Get current valuations at your fingertips.

First and free

The best things in life are free, and so is Takeoff. We are the first ever B2B mutual fund distribution platform, and you can get access for free.

Carefully curated

Simplifying the investment process for a seamless experience. Ease of access and user-friendly, we have built this platform exclusively for you.


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